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Real Alien Sightings

Manali Oak Mar 3, 2020
Some believe that aliens are friendly like they are portrayed in movies. But there are others who dread the idea of aliens visiting Earth. We have heard of aliens visiting our world and some claim to have sighted them. Read through some real alien sightings.
Aliens are extraterrestrial beings that are believed to exist. Many claim to have seen aliens in their city while others deny their existence. While alien sightings are still a controversy, they continue to intrigue many.

Aliens Near the Big Dipper!

A person (name unknown) waiting in the parking lot of Clifford's Dining Hall for a tow truck to pick his car up, claimed to have caught the sight of aliens. While he was reclining on the hood of his car, gazing at the stars, he saw three objects moving westward across the sky, near the Big Dipper.
Within seconds they went out of sight. He and his brother-in-law, who accompanied him to the site, said that the objects might have been aliens as they were sure they weren't airplanes.

Alien Sightings in 1998

Aliens were sighted in St. Martin in September 1998, according to a person waiting at the St. Martin Airport. He claimed to have seen fire in the sky on a sunny afternoon in September. He said that the fire was at a high altitude and flew over his head.
After some time, it transformed into a silver ball. The ball moved over him at unexplained speeds like a jet and vanished in a few seconds. The sight left him amused and he believed he had seen an aliens' spacecraft.

Alien Spacecraft

Many a time, unidentified objects have been sighted by radars. UFOs have appeared in daytime sky as well as during the nights, when they have appeared as ovals, discs, or cigar-shaped objects. Those seen in the night sky have been in debate because people have speculated them to be stars, meteors, or aircraft lights.

UFO Crash

This alien sighting was a series of strange events that took place in New Mexico. Many people in and around Roswell, New Mexico saw a UFO crash and claimed to have witnessed the crash victims. The supposed crash was seen by many and hence cannot be disregarded as false.

Humanoids or What?

In October 2002, a group of people on a holiday in Southern Chile had found a humanoid creature. It measured 7.2 meters long and had a relatively larger head and two arms with long fingers. The creature had two legs. Mega News service, a local news channel reported this.

Aliens in Chile

Eduardo Vega and his brother claimed to have seen aliens in Chile. In an interview, he said that he and his brother saw a humanoid creature that was about 80 cm tall, shiny and red in color. The creature looked like a child wearing a driver's suit.
The humanoid figure stood motionless for a few minutes as sparks came out of its head. Amazement and fear struck Eduardo and his brother, when they thought it could be an alien.

Jesse Long Abducted by Aliens

The famous case of Jesse Long being abducted by some unidentified creatures is believed to have been a real alien sighting. He reported to have been kidnapped for the first time during his childhood. He said that the aliens hypnotized him and also forced him to cross breed with them. Strange, isn't it?
An alien abduction video showed a company worker vanish following a flash of light and return after some time in a fetal position. The security camera of the company claimed to have captured the video of this alien abduction.
News had it that there were incidents of animals being taken away by flying saucers. Channels reported to have brought before the world, a case of alien abduction of animals, one of its kind! The truth behind this story is a mystery.
Aliens are in the news and shall always keep the media abuzz, until they make a public appearance on Earth with prior intimation to us, Earthlings!