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Area 51 Secrets Revealed

Area 51 - the name itself stirs up the conspiracy nerve. Read ahead, if you wanna run into some intriguing facts that lie obscured from public eye in this area.
Ishani Chatterjee Shukla
If it is not in the media... it did not happen.
If it did not happen, but is in the media... we believe it has happened.

~ Charles T. Tart
Most of us have some vague idea about what lies in Area 51. Most of it is what we have heard from various supposedly reliable and probably unreliable sources. The rest of it is what we have conjured up by adding our imagination to the half-baked information from the mentioned sources.
Before we embark upon lifting the veil off Area 51 secrets, let's take a brief look at the area in question that is believed to be something altogether different from what the government and the military claim and which supposedly plays host to a number of mysteries and conspiracies.

What is Area 51?

Officially, Area 51 is a US military base. It is located in western United States, south of Nevada and is a mere 133 kilometers north-northwest to the downtown area of Las Vegas. Area 51 is a distant, disconnected part of the Edwards Air Force Base.
The Groom Lake, a salt flat, is located at the center of Area 51 and a large military airfield is located along its southern shore. The activities of this airfield are conducted under high secrecy and information regarding whatever experiments take place, with respect to development and testing of aircraft and weapons systems, is strictly classified.
The entire Area 51 falls under the geographical and administrative jurisdiction of the Nevada Test and Training Range which is a training facility of the United States Air Force.
The facilities of the Nevada Test and Training Range are overseen by the 99th Air Base Wing and the military airfield base at the Groom Lake is administered by the Air Force Flight Test Center which is located at the Edwards Air Force Base.

Operations at Area 51

Going by information disclosed by official - government and military - sources, Area 51 runs various programs for the development and testing of experimental aircraft and weaponry. Training of personnel for handling the same also takes place there.
A lot of significant programs pertaining to artillery practice, bombing and warfare methods, fighter aircraft development, have been run in Area 51 during major wars and defense situations. The U-2 Program, the OXCART Program and the Have Blue/F117 Program are examples of such operations.

Area 51 Secrets Revealed (Or So We Believe)

All the Federal Government comes up with, when asked about the activities at Area 51, is that there is an operating location of the US Air Force near Grooms Lake. That's all. All lips get sealed at this point and no further information has been provided by any government agency, department or representative regarding the specific activities till date.
However, besides the information regarding experimental aircraft and weapons development and testing, certain secrets about Area 51 have gradually come to light over the years.
The secrets may be partly guesswork and partly speculation, but the fact that something is going on there that, if revealed to all and sundry, would shock the hell out of the entire world and may compromise the security and defense systems of the US.
Let us see only those secrets that have repeatedly been the focus of the majority of conspiracy theories and some of the following have also been confirmed by ex-personnel who worked at Area 51 installations.
✰ Many conspiracy theorists have, for decades, speculated that research on UFOs and other alien technology, procured from either crashed vessels or those that were captured or shot down, is conducted in Area 51, especially at the Groom Lake base.
✰ Hangar 18, discovered by Russian spy crafts during the Cold war, which is located in Area 51, is the largest hangar that exists inside this area and is said to be huge enough to make place for a jumbo jet or a massive UFO.
✰ However, ex-personnel who have disclosed some of the secrets, all deny the UFO connection or anything that even remotely points towards it.

✰ Area 51 is the biggest facility in the US for conducting tests on arms, ammunition and warfare technology.
✰ It has been believed since 1958, that unknown objects and substances used for the classified activities at the base have always been burned or completely destroyed in Area 51, once their utilities were over. These substances, whether or not toxic, never left the premises of the base, even for the purpose of waste disposal.
✰ Authorized personnel have immediate arrest and shoot at sight orders at the base. Any unauthorized person - be it a civilian, military or government personnel or any person working in Area 51 but unauthorized to enter the precincts of a particular facility - trespass the defined limits, whether deliberately or otherwise, may be arrested and prosecuted.
Unauthorized aircraft, picked up by the base's radar, that may have strayed into the base's airspace may be shot down if they do not heed the warning to move out.
✰ The security system is extremely sensitive and accurate and security personnel inside the base can detect a trespasser way before the latter even gets anywhere near the base's perimeter. The technology used for such detection is not known to outsiders and such information also remains classified.
✰ Accidental and rare sightings of groundbreaking yet secret aircraft technology such in the form of Stealth Blimp, Baby B-2 and the Aurora X-33 have often been mistaken for alien spaceships and UFOs by the general public.
✰ It has been rumored that a real alien entity had been captured in the Roswell incident and that this entity had a somewhat workable grasp of the English language!
It is natural to scoff at this theory. But a possibility always remains. If only one keeps a broad mind and at least thinks for once before debunking the theory, there is a way truth can be stopped from being lost.
There is no doubt that strange and intriguing activities are going on in Area 51 but what they are, we would never know! The fact that the concerned authorities take so much pains to keep the premises of this area well guarded and the going-ons within its precincts such a tight-lipped secret proves that something is definitely going on there.
To add to it, the fact that these authorities go as far as outrightly denying the existence of such activities further solidifies the suspicions surrounding Area 51.
We can understand the Federal Government and military dodging curious questions, refuting speculations and denying information about Area 51 as a means of safeguarding crucial strategic and defense information.
At a time when many nations are facing the threat of war and terrorism with certain countries openly joining the arms race, maintaining a diplomatic silence about certain issues of national and military importance is the first line of defense for any country.