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Alien Sightings 2017

Ishani Chatterjee Shukla
The idea that we are not alone in the universe has always intrigued mankind. The following information yet again reaffirms the beliefs regarding the phenomena of extraterrestrial life forms and UFOs.
In common parlance, the word alien stands for any life form, which does not have earthly origins and is classified as an extraterrestrial biological entity.
Whether such life forms exist or not is a globally debated topic. Believers in extraterrestrial life forms, argue that just because we do not know certain things exist, doesn't mean they don't.
Skeptics argue that environmental conditions on other planets are not conducive to life, hence raising the question, "If life exists elsewhere other than Earth, why haven't our space missions found any evidence of the same?"
In between this chaos, there have been numerous claims and instances of alien sightings and alien abduction stories, all over the world, which have astounded believers and skeptics alike.
Both parties have tried to explain these phenomena in line with their own beliefs, as a result of which, the debate over their authenticity continues to this day! Let us now take a look at the alien sightings in the year of 2017, from around the world.

18th August 2017 Phoenix, Arizona

A brief video clip has boggled the world with its contents. The video captures 5 objects hovering in the sky in the shape of a giant ' W'. the video hardly spans for 30 seconds and is ended abruptly. The footage shown does not resemble an earthly object or a meteor shower. You can watch the clip on YouTube.

14th April 2017, A Few Miles Past Parker, AZ

Mauricio Morales, who recorded the sightings through video & pictures said in his FB post, “To my SW direction, there were 6 orange-red lights floating around in the horizon. Some of them would dim out and then brighten back up, others just seemed to float and hover away slowly. They seemed to travel in a parallel pattern with a very bright fiery glisten.”

1st January 2017 Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

While the rest of us were hungover from the New Year's eve party there was a unidentified orb sighting. A man saw an incredibly bright star in the sky and he whipped out his cell phone to zoom into it, what appeared as a star in the beginning soon grew in size and looked like an orb with blue rings. The orb split soon to give 6 distinct lights in the sky.

31st March 2017 Juneau, Alaska

An aunt and her niece sighted a aircraft too big for a drone, but not as big as a plane. Also it was spherical shaped.
While they were driving the object was close to the car and shot a spotlight on the ground. Gauging by the reaction of the two women its hard not to believe their encounter with a UFO.

15th November 2017 Long Island, New York, USA

A purple light was seen in the sky and as the witnesses stated, had followed them for a while. By the looks of it, the object did not seem like anything that belonged to this world.
"Are aliens real?" will continue to be debated, until we can find irrefutable scientific evidence of their existence. Even if aliens exist, may they be a more mature race than humankind, so that our encounter (if at all) doesn't result in a war of the worlds - wars within this world are bad enough!