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Alien Sightings That Will Leave You Amazed

Naomi Sarah Feb 28, 2020
Alien sightings are a common phenomenon, where many claim to have been abducted by aliens. Let's take a look at how many sightings were recorded over the years.
It all started with the unidentified object that crashed in Roswell, New Mexico that spurred on talks about a UFO crash landing in the month of June or July 1947. It was said that extra-terrestrial materials were recovered, including the bodies of aliens.
The US military at the time, came forward to cover up the incident, stating that it belonged to an experiment by the military of a surveillance balloon, that came under the classified program named 'Mogul'.
Furthermore, 'Area 51', which is a name CIA officials tagged the US military base as, is where top secret operations take place in Nevada, on the southern shore of Groom lake. UFO-like aircraft that look a little too hi-tech are developed and tested by them, before they're sanctioned by the US Air Force or CIA to be used in a normal air force base.
It has been rumored to reek of conspiracy theories, like examining and storing alien spaceships, and conducting experiments on aliens dead/alive, with materials and bodies recovered from the supposed Roswell crash and developing technology related to teleportation, time travel and even altering weather.
The 'Majestic 12' organization which is a code name given to a secret gathering of scientists, government officials and military personnel, was formed around 1947 by then President, Harry S. Truman.
It is said that they come together to discuss alien sightings and cover up these incidents, and further investigate them. The FBI though has concluded that all documents related to the Majestic 12, are inaccurate and falsified.

UFO Sightings In 2010-2011

Information and so-called proof of alien life, started an era of everyone going deeper into theories that circled around how we were not alone and that there was intelligent life out there, that superseded human's own intellectual capacities.
From 'The X-files' to the 'Roswell' series and even movies making it big on alien based storyboards, everyone's got the alien situation hyped up, and it hasn't died down even today. Maybe these sightings are UFOs and not military aircraft, or maybe it's vice verse? Is there any proof that aliens are real? Let us explore some Alien sightings.
• San Gennaro Vesuviano, Naples - Italy (22nd Aug, 2010):
A fireball in the sky, which moved from left to right, then almost immediately became pinpoint-like in size, and then disappeared.

• Pretoria, South Africa (21st Aug, 2010):
There were some sort of lights in the sky, amounting to about 12 red-orange like lighted objects.
• Sharjah, U.A.E (15th Aug, 2010):
Four white lights or maybe dots were witnessed in the sky, going in all kinds of directions; up and down and then left and right.

• Ft. Buchanan, Puerto Rico (14th Aug, 2010):
Circular black object approx. 20,000 ft. up in the sky, over a restricted air space above a military base that went undetected.
• Sydney, Australia (15th July, 2010):
Triangular shaped object with bright red and white lights, slowly moving in the sky.

• Nanjing, China (10th July, 2010):
Rectangular shaped craft.

• Yokohama, Japan (1st July, 2010):
Shape was hard to decipher, but it hovered very low in the sky, then disappeared behind a cloud.
• Zurich, Switzerland (27th June, 2010):
Moving UFO-like objects with lights in sky.

• Afghanistan, Forward Operating Base (11th June, 2010):

V-shaped object with lights flying over the base.

• Singapore (6th June, 2010):
Disk like object spotted above northern Singapore.

• Cumbria, UK - England (7th June, 2010):

Orange orb-like object in the sky.

• Limerick, Clare Border - Ireland (14th May 2010):

Green oval like shaped object with lights among clouds.

• Vancouver, Washington (US) (20th February 2011):
Witnesses claim to have seen a series objects with red and green blinking lights that some managed to get on still-frame and video. The objects in the sky were at first stationary, while then making movement from side to side. It was spotted at 192nd avenue in Vancouver (southeast).
• Japan (pacific coast of Tohoku) (Prior to 1st March, 2011):
UFOs had been spotted days before Japan underwent the catastrophic earthquake (11th March, 2011) and at the time when the tsunami waves. Videos and pictures of the same were taken in order to prove the sightings, where China reported these through its government news agency, Xinhua.
• Lee's Summit, Missouri (US) (16th May, 2011):
20 witnesses claim that when an orb like object appeared in the sky, sporting colors of green, red and blue in continuous bursting blinks. It was the quintessential UFO shape, being disc-like and metallic in nature, which later split into tiny orbs of about 6 according to a majority of witnesses from the 20.
• Almata, Kazakhstan (June 21st, 2011):
The video by a witness and a reporter shows that the UFO sits hovering above a certain distance atop a building and then later above trees, although it doesn't make a move to dart out of sight. Several sightings have been seen in Kazakhstan as of late, with this one being the most recent thus far.
• Oslo, Norway (13th August, 2011):
Witnesses claim to have seen around 21 objects in the sky, with no report on any aircraft passing, be it military or civilian. The objects had bright flashing lights, and didn't give out any sounds when passing overhead. The video captured during the time was taken around the early hours of that evening before sunset.
• East Coast(2015):
A viral declassified video showed two Boeing F/A-18 Super Hornet fighter jet pilots in complete awe of a mysterious object that had an unparalleled speed and no visible exhaust plume trailing the aircraft.
We have different adaptations of what aliens look like, with the common oval face and two big black abysses for eyes, not to mention the scrawny body and translucent skin. If you've seen any alien sightings, we hope you're lucky enough to get it on video or still frame, to have evidence of your own to prove that we are most definitely, not alone.