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Alien Abduction Stories

Manali Oak Mar 12, 2020
Alien abduction is the phenomenon of extraterrestrial beings abducting people on Earth. There are accounts of aliens kidnapping people, and many countries have them well-documented. Here we look at some famous alien abduction stories on record.
Aliens have always been surrounded by mystery. While some think of them as scary, some others think they are funny. Alien abduction stories narrate incidences of non-human creatures kidnapping people on Earth. While some consider these instances as rumors, some choose to believe that they were real. And some claim to have encountered aliens or been kidnapped by them!
Since there is no conclusive evidence about whether aliens exist, it is difficult to infer whether cases of people being abducted by aliens hold any truth. However, there have been reports of alien abductions in the past, and there have been some things common to these incidents.
Most alien abduction stories have incidents of aliens forcing people to undergo a medical examination. Some stories have references to aliens warning people on Earth about the dangers in their future.
Most of those who claim to have been kidnapped by aliens say that they experienced fright, confusion, or a different state of consciousness. But some others report to have had a pleasant experience of meeting friendly aliens.
The first alien abduction story that made news was that of Betty and Barney Hill. On September 19, 1961, the two were driving to Portsmouth when they saw a bright light in the sky.
Soon some human-like figures got out of a disk-like craft and approached the Hills. The human-like figures with their vehicle began hovering over the Hills' car, and abducted them. The Hills later claimed to have entered a state of altered consciousness during the abduction.
Another famous alien abduction story is that of Boas.
Antonio Vilas Boas was a Brazilian farmer. Once when he was working at night, he saw a red star in the night sky. It was actually an egg-shaped craft with red light. He tried to flee from the scary object that seemed to be approaching him. But he was soon captivated by a humanoid.
The humanoid, as described by Boas, had blue eyes and made sounds like barks and yelps. Three other human-like beings grabbed Boas and took him to their craft. Inside the craft, his clothes were stripped off and he was covered with jelly.
Later the abductors performed a blood examination on Boas and then left him in a room with a female who resembled the other humanoid figures. Boas claims to have fallen ill when in captivity. When he returned to Earth, he realized that he had been abducted for four hours. Scary, isn't it?
Herbert Schirmer, a policeman has claimed to have been abducted by some non-human beings in 1967.
On his claims, he was hypnotized to make him reveal his experience of the alien abduction. During hypnosis, Schirmer said that a white object with red lights approached him and started communicating mentally. According to his claims, the alien stopped him from drawing his gun.
The case was investigated by Psychologist R. Leo Sprinkle of Wyoming. After hypnotic regression procedures with Schirmer, he concluded that it was difficult to say if the claim was true. However, for Schirmer the experience was real.
Another scary alien abduction took place on Dechmont Law, a hill outside Livingston, Scotland. Bob Taylor, a forestry worker encountered an unidentified object, which dragged him along the ground. Investigators had later found some strange-looking marks on the ground. This incident is considered as a very close UFO encounter in Scotland.
People from different parts of the world have different stories to tell. Most alien abductions are claimed to have taken place at night and the abductees have mostly claimed to have been examined. But what's interesting is that all the abductees have returned safely without having to give any ransom to their kidnappers!